TCMS: 104 Comedian Alex Fortin

Comedian Alex Fortin sits down with Cassius to discuss his comedy career, his writing process, staying original, his embarrassing first standup performance, dealing with comedy clubs, attempting to become a cop & much more. 

TCMS: 103 Travis Scott ASTROWORLD Album Review

Cassius reviews Houston rapper Travis Scott’s third studio album, ‘ASTROWORLD’. ASTROWORLD is jam packed with features, including special guests Drake, Tame Empala, Quavo, Takeoff, 21 Savage, Stevie Wonder, Kid Cudi & many more. This album is titled after Six Flags Astroworld, a popular Houston amusement park that has now been demolished. 

TCMS: 100 Lee Syatt

Cassius opens the show discussing Marilyn Manson’s last minute cancellation of his Toronto concert, followed by a conversation with Lee Syatt. Lee is a comedian and producer/co-host of The Church Of What’s Happening Now with Joey Diaz. Lee joins The Cassius Morris Show via Skype to talk about his adventures working with Joey Diaz for the past 7 years, his days as a reality TV show editor, the pros and cons of Los Angeles, staying motivated and much more.

TCMS: 098 Karimah Music

Cassius sits down with vocalist/performer Karimah in studio. Karimah discusses how she got her start playing in Punk bands, the ever-changing Edmonton music scene, her writing & creative process, making the transition from Rock to R&B music, originality & much more.

TCMS: 097 Jesse Yon Fong

Cassius is joined in studio by Jesse Yon Fong. Jesse is a photographer born & raised in California, and a videographer/collaborator with The Cassius Morris Show. Jesse shares stories about street food, culture shock, fake goods & more from his recent travels through Asia, taking him through Bangkok, Phuket, Tokyo, Bali, Siem Reap, etc. Other topics include the death of CD’s, current politics, mental slavery, violence in hip-hop & much more.