TCMS: 098 Karimah Music

Cassius sits down with vocalist/performer Karimah in studio. Karimah discusses how she got her start playing in Punk bands, the ever-changing Edmonton music scene, her writing & creative process, making the transition from Rock to R&B music, originality & much more.

TCMS: 097 Jesse Yon Fong

Cassius is joined in studio by Jesse Yon Fong. Jesse is a photographer born & raised in California, and a videographer/collaborator with The Cassius Morris Show. Jesse shares stories about street food, culture shock, fake goods & more from his recent travels through Asia, taking him through Bangkok, Phuket, Tokyo, Bali, Siem Reap, etc. Other topics include the death of CD’s, current politics, mental slavery, violence in hip-hop & much more.

TCMS: 096 Drake ‘Scorpion’ Album Review

This week on The Cassius Morris Show; an in depth review of Drake’s latest album, “Scorpion”. Drizzy hits us ‘back to back’ with a double album; Hip Hop on Side-A, and R&B on Side-B. This album features guest appearances from Jay-Z and Ty Dolla Sign as well as a posthumous appearance from Michael Jackson.

TCMS: 095 Ghost ‘Prequelle’ Album Review

Today, Cassius Morris gives an in-depth review of Ghost’s fourth studio album, “Prequelle”. “Prequelle” is an album of arena-ready anthems, progressive rock, black metal and pop-rock, featuring shimmering, polished production over 80s influenced music and vocals. 

TCMS: 094 The Weeknd ‘My Dear Melancholy,’ EP Review

This week on The Cassius Morris Show; an in depth review of The Weeknd’s latest EP, “My Dear Melancholy,”. The Weeknd toys with experimental vocal effects and foreign producers to create a melting pot of brooding sounds, mainly focused on his recent relationship struggles with celebrity women. 

TCMS: 093 Kanye West ‘Ye’ Album Review

This week on The Cassius Morris Show; an in-depth review of Kanye West’s 8th studio album – ‘Ye’. 

TCMS: 092 Rolling Loud Miami 2018 Recap

Cassius gives a full recap of his first time in the USA and weekend at Rolling Loud music festival in Miami, FL. Rolling Loud is the world’s largest Hip-Hop music festival, featuring nearly 150 artists over three days. The event was held at Hard Rock Stadium, May 11-13, 2018.