R.I.P. Hans Paulson

KISS Army soldier and KISS4SALE owner Hans Paulson passed away unexpectedly this week. He was COTN’s first sponsor and a very kind and generous soul. I send my condolences to Hans’ family during this difficult time.


Episode 55- KISS Monster Tour 2013

Hey, COTN Army! This episode covers all things KISS coming up on their massive Monster tour of 2013. That includes discussion about current and upcoming dates, costumes, setlists and much more. Also in this episode, Cassius plays some KISS studio songs, along live preformances from various eras.

Episode 54- Lick It Up Review

COTN is back with another album review. This time… LICK IT UP! Tune in for live songs, thoughts on Lick It Up as an album, and a track-by-track analysis of the record.

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COTN Mini-Cast #3- Why I Love KISS

For their 40th anniversary, COTN host, Cassius Morris, does a 7 minute spoken word piece on why he has such a passion for KISS. This is a raw, commercial free salute to the hottest band in the world.

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Happy Birthday to the best frontman in Rock & Roll history. We hope that you have an amazing day with your family and friends.

Here is Paul in an interview with The Wall Street Journal in 2012.

Episode 53- The KISS Kruise

Alright, KISS Fans… it’s time to dive in to a brand new episode! As an introduction, Cassius celebrates KISS 40th anniversary by giving a big ‘thank you’ to his favorite band. Also featured is COTN regular, John Beckett, with a day-by-day review of The KISS Kruise II!

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