COTN Mini-Cast #3- Why I Love KISS

For their 40th anniversary, COTN host, Cassius Morris, does a 7 minute spoken word piece on why he has such a passion for KISS. This is a raw, commercial free salute to the hottest band in the world.

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Happy Birthday to the best frontman in Rock & Roll history. We hope that you have an amazing day with your family and friends.

Here is Paul in an interview with The Wall Street Journal in 2012.

Episode 53- The KISS Kruise

Alright, KISS Fans… it’s time to dive in to a brand new episode! As an introduction, Cassius celebrates KISS 40th anniversary by giving a big ‘thank you’ to his favorite band. Also featured is COTN regular, John Beckett, with a day-by-day review of The KISS Kruise II!

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Episode 51- Rock & Roll Over Review

Today’s episode is about the legendary KISS album released on November 11’th 1976… ROCK & ROLL OVER!

COTN host, Cassius Morris, starts the show with a quick review of KISS’ South American leg of the “Monster” tour that will lead into summer of 2013. Cassius then takes a moment to remember the late-great Eric Carr. November 24th was the day that we lost him to cancer 21 years ago.

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Also in this episode is a track-by-track review of this episode’s featured album and talk about a big event coming soon in the KISS podcasting world…

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