Episode 51- Rock & Roll Over Review

Today’s episode is about the legendary KISS album released on November 11’th 1976… ROCK & ROLL OVER!

COTN host, Cassius Morris, starts the show with a quick review of KISS’ South American leg of the “Monster” tour that will lead into summer of 2013. Cassius then takes a moment to remember the late-great Eric Carr. November 24th was the day that we lost him to cancer 21 years ago.

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Also in this episode is a track-by-track review of this episode’s featured album and talk about a big event coming soon in the KISS podcasting world…

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Episode 50- KISS Shaken, Not Stirred

Here it is everybody. We have hit our 50th episode! I want to thank everybody for listening and enjoying the show! This one is a few shuffled KISS songs and talk about the KISS Kruise II, KISS’ upcoming South American tour and acting like a radio broadcaster!

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Episode 49- All Things MONSTER!

Well, it’s finally that time again. KISS has released a new studio album and everybody is loving it! The KISS Army is relishing in a Monstrous album that celebrates the 2012 lineup. In this episode, Cassius gives his review of the album track by track and shares his hypothetical setlist for KISS’ upcoming world tour in 2013.

Cassius on Matt Porter’s “THE KISS ROOM”

Cassius joins Matt Porter, Ken Mills, Frank Hagan and Chris Giordano and Bill Starkey in THE KISS ROOM!

Originally broadcast on MONTCO RADIO, streaming live and worldwide from Montgomery County Community College, Blue Bell, PA on Friday, October 12, 2012.
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Episode 48- Steve Coronel Interview

Lead guitarist of Wicked Lester and the man that introduced Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, Steve Coronel is interviewed on today’s show. Steve had so many great stories to tell that I couldn’t even begin to list them all, so here are some off the top of my head.

The first time Gene Simmons came up with the idea of wearing makeup,
Reuniting with Paul Stanley after 33 years,
Almost (accidentally) kissing Gene,
Going with Gene to buy his first bass guitar,

And much, MUCH more! Special thanks to Steve for being on the show and all of our listeners.